You will need
  • Table, set 24-36 glasses of thin glass of different sizes,tape to secure glasses, water and clean hands.
First game descriptions on the wine glasses appeared in China in the XII century, and in 1740 there were professional performances using glass harp .
Currently, as four centuries ago glass harp (also called crystallion) – a chromatic instrument with a sound range of 2-3 octaves. Glasses you can configure machining or just add water.Professional musicians play a specially machined glasses without water.
The batch for glass harp can be found in the symphonies of Mozart, and Pink Floyd concerts, the music of Boris Grebenshchikov.
To create the glass harp pick up brandy or wine glasses made of thin glass of different sizes.Well secure them to the table using double-sided tape.Fill the glasses with water, the water level must be different.The higher the water level the higher the sound. Tune up your harp can be in the form of gamma (so comfortable), but not necessarily.
After setting up wash your hands and clean fingers. Without clean hands will be difficult to extract a clear sound.When hands are clean, you need to wet the tips of his fingers. The skin needs a little soak.Then a slight circular motion extracted the sounds from glasses.Movement should be light and sliding, without too much stress.
If you hold the edge of a wine glass clean with a moist finger,you get a sound reminiscent of a female voice. A piece of music, performed with the glass harp sounds fascinating - the sound is not comparable with anything else. It is important to remember to drive on the edge of the glass need a relaxed hand, periodically wetting the fingers. A little patience and training and who knows - maybe you have a chance to be one of the few professionals of the game on the glass.