You will need
  • Dumbbells - 2 pieces
Lie on your back. Bend feet in knees. Feet shoulder width apart. Hands bend at the elbows. Brush with dumbbells position near the ears. Lift only your head and shoulders off the floor on the exhale. Hold for 1-2 seconds to a burning sensation in the muscles of the abdomen. On the inhale slowly return to starting position.
Sit on floor, bend legs at the knees and secure the foot to not slip during the exercise. The back is straight. Dumbbells position as in the first exercise. On the inhale lie on your back until it touches the lower back of the floor. On the exhale, lift up, chest touching the thighs.
The third exercise is a sophisticated version of the second. It runs on the bench with a slope down. Legs straight and well secured. Hands with dumbbells you can cross in front of chest. On the inhale touch the shoulders of the bench. On the exhale rise up perpendicular positions relative to the floor. Keep your backs straight. The first-third of the exercises are aimed at strengthening the rectus abdominis muscles. For pumping the oblique muscles of the abdomen alternately turn right and left when performing exercises.
The side abdominal muscles, you can pump up the bends with dumbbells. Stand up straight. Feet shoulder width apart. Both dumbbells in one hand. The second hand on the belt or behind the head. Lean to the side of the hand with the dumbbells and straighten up. Try to bend exactly to the side, not pulling ahead. Repeat 15 times. Do the same in the other direction.
Place your feet wider than shoulder width. Arms with dumbbells behind your head, elbows pointing to the sides. On the exhale lean to the right, on the inhale - return to start position. On the exhale, tilt to the left, inhale – I. p. Tilt do exactly aside. Knees do not bend.
To pump the lower part of the abdominal press, you must perform the leg lifts in the supine position or in the emphasis on the parallel bars. Weights attached to the feet. In the supine position, alternately raise straight legs to a right angle and gently lower down. In vis on the crossbar, bend your knees and pull to the belly, then slowly lower.