If you want to build a beautiful muscular body, then the first thing you need to start is with learning basic principles and applying them in practice. The easiest way to do it is with abdominal at home. There are two main reasons:

First, the press is the only muscle group that can effectively pump up the house because for training the abdominal muscles is most often used own weight. What can be said about the other muscle groups. For the development they often need more weights (barbells, dumbbells, machines).

Secondly, having the experience and the effect from the workout press home, you will be much easier to progress while training other muscle groups with additional resistance training (home or gym). Because you'll bump in search of efficient schemes.

Established pattern already will have on hand, and you will be familiar with the basic principles and rules of effective training and nutrition. In order to press looked like a million dollars, it is necessary to solve two problems. We need to increase the size of the rectus abdominis muscle and reduce the fat content in the area.

Both these problems can be easily solved at home, because you for their realization does not need any special equipment. The rectus abdominis is large and it is very easy to tire load for it to start to adapt to it by increasing the size of muscle fibers. By and large, we just need to regularly give the press sufficient for the growth of power load and it will increase in size.

No need to search for some secret techniques and forgotten techniques of the monks, "the Shaolin temple". There are kulturistika proven techniques that are guaranteed to work. Just have to be willing or ready to work and perseverance. Well, the second objective, without which there will be great press, the decline around body fat level to the desired. The fact that no matter how cool and muscular was not your waist, if it is covered with a layer of fat, nobody will see.

I don't think you will argue with this statement because it is obvious. And we already came to the conclusion that locally burn fat (only around the waist) is impossible, because the fat burns under the influence of hormones, which are spread out all over the body, not only in the desired region.

So if you have excess subcutaneous fat, then be prepared to lose weight everywhere, not just in the abdominal area. Well. If it is very simplistic, we in order to build great abs at home, you need to regularly train him a sufficient load and to follow the diet for weight loss.