You will need
  • - Constant training and fees;
  • - Contacts with the team in which you want to play.
Play basketball with the school time. This will help you to develop your skills on a professional level, while others are just useless things. So, don't waste your precious time. Play whenever you can. Use any time and show your skills in various competitions.
Attend various field basketball events. Now there are many sports camps during the summer and throughout the year. This will bring you closer together with professional athletes and coaches. This is an invaluable experience. Then just hone the skills that you have acquired on the sports training camp.
Learn the basics of the game of basketball as early as possible. Free throws, dribbling, rebounding – those core exercises and elements that need to master.
Join the school team and entrenched in it. Remember that you need to be in uniform, so forget about the long summer holidays. In the summer you have to train and do it hard. Participate in summer sports camps, teach the growing generation and join local teams. This will help you stay in shape and sharpen skills.
Play the basketball team of his University or College. Here you need to have to deliver yourself, because with time the student may begin your professional career of the basketball player. It is important to get noticed by coaches and team managers, with whom you will compete.
Contact with the coaching staff of the team to which you want to get into as a professional player. They need to know exactly what you want to cooperate with them. This will increase your chances. Go several times for training and play for this command, i.e. make you noticed. Also, try to get into the internal politics of a team and try to figure out which players she needs and there requirements. If you do everything correctly and will give the value of the coach and the team, you must take.