Advice 1: How to swing the biceps without dumbbells

The biceps - one of the first things you notice when your training novice athletes. Large, powerful biceps is the dream of any man. In order to pump up the advantages of their recommended weights. But if the possibility to use them not, it is possible to swing the biceps without dumbbells.
How to swing the biceps without dumbbells
You will need
  • the post
  • - the horizontal bar
  • - E-Z rod
Use E-Z rod. Due to the curved fretboard, it makes for a more comfortable position of the brush rather than straight rod. Take her straight grip. Stand up straight, shoulders laid back. Raise the barbell to touch the fists of the clavicle. Slowly lower it. Repeat this exercise six approaches seven or eight repetitions.
One of the possible ways of pumping biceps is the bar. With a high quantity of repetitions and approaches, as well as when hanging the weights to the belt you can increase the biceps, using either direct or reverse grip. Grab the bar narrow grip and pull slowly, controlling the movement of the entire amplitude. Of key importance in this exercise is focus on the implementation of it is the biceps muscles. Make seven or eight approaches for ten to twelve repetitions each.
If both methods above are not possible, use a straight barbell. Pick it up easy grip and lift using the same technique as you would with E-Z barbell. With effort strain the biceps. Do five or six approaches, each with eight repetitions.
Useful advice
One of the secrets to allowing the biceps look more impressive, is the narrow waist.

Advice 2 : How to pump up triceps the woman

In everyday life the triceps brachii is rarely activated, which affects the shape of hands. Notice how the muscle "hangs", can his hand. To the woman to cope with this problematic area, you need to perform exercises for triceps to keep it in good shape.
How to pump up triceps the woman
You will need
  • - dumbbell weighing 1-4 kg.
Pick up a dumbbell. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend your knees. Lean forward to the position of the body was almost parallel to the floor. Bend your arms at the elbows, and then straighten and pull back so that the palms look up. Do 3 sets of 10 times.
Make a small lunge forward. On the hip front facing legs place one hand. The second hand is a dumbbell. Bend this arm at the elbow, while the shoulder does not become parallel to the floor. On the exhale straighten the arm, taking his back, and then again fold on the breath. Do the exercise 20 times and repeat with the other hand, replacing the original position.
Become right and lower side arms with dumbbells. Palms face forward. Pinch shoulder blades together, while straining the abdominal muscles. One hand slowly bend at the elbow and push to the shoulder. Stay in this position for 1-2 seconds and slowly lower your hand down. The triceps during the movement should be stressed. Repeat the same with the other hand. Do exercise 20-30 times.
From a standing position behind the back bent at the elbow. With a little push of the hand on the elbow to the back of the arm muscles strained. Repeat the same with the other hand. When performing exercises elbow bent hands have to look straight up.
Strongly squeeze the dumbbells in hands and do the Boxing movements, first with one hand, then alternately. To set limits on the number of movements does not make sense, so boxyoje so. After a short break you can take another approach.
If you home does not have enough space for exercise, can buy a gym membership. Before starting your workout, consult your instructor, what equipment will help you reach your goal. When you exercise, tense your triceps, otherwise they are meaningless.
To increase the load on the muscles can do push-UPS or pull-UPS. But do not forget that your goal is to raise tone of muscle, not inflate them like a male. Do not choose from heavy weights for exercise. Better do more repetitions – this will help get rid of subcutaneous fat and increase your stamina.
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