If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is your responsibility to mandatory registration at the place of residence within ninety days. Please contact the Committee of migration control for consultation on provisional and permanent registration in the Russian Federation for citizens of the country. Temporary registration in St. Petersburg is carried out through the Department of Federal Migration Service of Russia. The validity of provisional registration is up to one year. For the temporary registration bring your passport.
If you are going to move in Saint-Petersburg - apply for permanent registration. Permanent registration is made in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation. For registration permanent registration bring a military ID card (or registration certificate), passport and a sheet of care when you are discharged.
Registration in Saint-Petersburg is a mandatory procedure for all visitors of the cultural capital. Registration eliminates the problems with passport control, you will be able to take consumer and mortgage loans, to put on record the car, issue a passport, get insurance policy and more.Registration of citizens in St. Petersburg with the right approach, it takes only one working day. Please contact one of the many firms specializing in registration. However, be careful. Among these firms a lot of scams. Do not resort to the services of those that require full prepayment.
Keep in mind that a legitimate brokerage firm will not agree to prescribe anyone. As a rule, assistance in obtaining registration at the place of residence is made only to citizens of the Russian Federation. Requires the presence of all people over the age of fourteen years.