Unfortunately, our time in St. Petersburg you can meet a very large number of questionable ads offering permanent or temporary registration. Do not fall for tricks fraudsters. It may be that such a registration would be invalid and you will violate the law.
A legal way to obtain permanent registration: get in the property the share of housing will issue on your name the certificate of ownership. This is the main and the most reliable way of obtaining permanent residence. In this case, you will be fully legalized resident of St. Petersburg. But of course, this method is not available for everyone. However, the act does not specify a minimum proportion of residential facilities that are required for registration. This means that to get the stamp in the passport will be sufficient to make the property even one square meter or less.
Another way not in conflict with the law: come to the passport office together with the owner of the property and issue a residence permit to his housing area. In this case, you may require the issue of a receipt on payment of your utilities.
If you need a temporary registration, contact the real estate Agency. Very often in the ads for the surrender of apartments for rent you specify the condition of temporary registration. In this case, you must be very careful not to become a victim of fraud. Carefully read the contract and make sure that all his points are met. There were cases when temporary registration was carried out on the streets, which the city does not exist.
Get ready for major spending. Residence in a metropolis such as St. Petersburg is quite expensive, especially if we are talking about permanent registration. Estimated expenditure from 50 to 100 thousand rubles.
Currently, there are active discussions, break the Institute of registration of citizens ' right to freedom of movement, but so far everything remains unchanged and the registration required by law.