Praise of the elect, it is necessary to make a man feel that you appreciate him.
Before the man gets home, take care of your appearance, fix up your hair, freshen your face, he will notice this and realize that you made it especially for him.
Genuinely interested in the Hobbies of your beloved. Take the time to learn about the subject of his Hobbies a bit more (you can use the Internet or read the relevant literature) and, on occasion, you will be able to surprise him with your knowledge.
Trust your choice. A man needs to feel that you believe in his talent, strength, mind. Try with a willingness to accept what he offers.
Write down the wishes of your husband, he is sure to notice and will be with the same care applies to your requests.
Make a calendar of your events and give your man. Oddly enough, in men's head held a huge amount of accurate information concerning the dimensions, distances, etc., but here are the important dates as it is not remembered. Through this calendar, he will not forget any important dates, and will feel much more confident.
Support the man if he was in a difficult situation, usually strong half doesn't like to admit their weaknesses or failures, you should tactfully, but firmly, to show him that he is not alone, and you are happy to support him in any moment. He will appreciate it.
Encourage your man to action, but it should be done gradually, almost not noticeable.
The male mind is wired a little differently than women, they understand everything literally, if you plan to get a man to do for you something specific, clearly articulate their request. Wishes subtle romantic hints, he just doesn't understand.
Even in everyday things, create conditions where the husband will see that you need it – it will give him a sense of confidence.