Owners of fine hair is not recommended to do chemical bleaching or perming. These procedures can severely damage the structure of the thin hair.
Girls with thin hair who prefer their hair cut short, should pay attention to the haircut "short Bob", can create the feeling of healthy thick hair. It is suitable not for everyone, so the universal variant haircuts thin hair is still "long Bob."
If you think your trimmed on one line the hair still lacks volume, select "Bob with uneven ends cut off". This stylish haircut will definitely give your hair shape.
Try to get a haircut in which the hair are aligned on a beveled line. This hairstyle looks great on young girls, but the ladies at the age from it better to refuse. In profile, the oblique line may attract unwanted attention to the neck and chin.
A great option for owners of long thin hair – haircut to shoulder with a few strands, the length of which is slightly shorter than rest of hair. Be careful, because if the short strands will be too much, form of hair lost and hair will seem rare.
Feeling hair can give a severe form of haircut in which the hair is cut on a slanting line from the face so that the front length is longer than the back.
If the length of your hair – to the shoulder, make a haircut with ragged ends. It will give you a feeling of lightness and youth. With such hairstyle you will be able to create a new image at least every day, Curling your hair, or putting hair using wax or mousse.
Consider the options of haircuts with retracted behind the ears hair. These hairstyles are well able to increase the volume of hair visually.
Absolutely undesirable for owners of thin hair haircuts the type of "cascade" and the thinning of the strands.