The advantages and disadvantages of oval shaped face

Oval face shape is considered a classic because it allows you to create a variety of haircuts and hairstyles. However, you should pay attention to some points:

- if your hair is thick and dense, you will look great with long hair;
- if you have fine hair, it is better to give preference to hairm mid-length.

The owners of oval face suit any hairstyles with bangs and absolutely no bangs, however, need to pay attention not only on the face shape and features. To a small disadvantages include:

the ears, which can be too large or small and puff up;
- too wide or narrow forehead, which is governed by the absence or presence of bangs;
neck which is broad or narrow, too short or long.

Bangs for oval shaped faces

Owner oval face shape you can try different types of bangs - slant, straight, asymmetrical, long or short, thick or torn. For example, oblique bangs can be cut, curved, and straight to make a very short, like a famous actress Halle berry.
Long or medium-length bangs, you can stab a stylish decorative Bobby pins, to clean beneath the fabric headbands and hoops to weave in her hair or to produce beautifully nagasiva or twisting.

Straight bangs can be extended or up to the eyebrows, it is more suitable for a fairly narrow oval face. There are variations with bangs strands of hair of different length and graded. If you have too wide cheekbones, it is best to cut out rare bangs to visually narrow them.

If your hair is curly by nature, you should avoid bangs or make it rare, so installation was fast and easy Owners of fine hair bangs, it is desirable to release from the top, this will help to give her hair more volume.

Short hairstyles for oval faces

As a short haircuts for oval face you can use a Bob. Feminine and romantic, gently emphasizing the smoothness of the cheeks and the neck line.

You can also make the caret with elongated side strands. But for curly hair to create a short hairstyles is not desirable, otherwise you may get "ball-hedgehog".

Hairstyles for long and medium hair for oval face

For owners of oval face and long hair are best suited graduated hairstyles in which the hair is cut at different angles, hairstyles based on the cascade or quads (medium length hair). In this case, you can use the selection of individual strands from the hair or create a fluffy frame of your hair.
Wave from the hair will make your look delicate and feminine, smooth and sharp lines give the owner of the trendy hairstyles of Sass and style.

Not so important what type of hairstyle you choose. It's just that you were comfortable with it. Don't be afraid to experiment with your appearance, improving your individual style.