Easy ways to get a loan

The easiest way to get a loan for a small amount – up to 100-300 thousand rubles At most banks there is a rule: the smaller the loan size, the more loyal requirements to the borrower. These loans can be issued while the presentation of only two documents – passport and second on the choice of the borrower. The time for processing the loan is also minimized and often limited to 15-30 minutes. The fact that borrowers with such loans is evaluated on the basis of data, the automatic scoring program, and the Bank does not conduct its due diligence.

Similar conditions are offered in POS-lending or granting loans for the purchase of equipment (or other goods) directly at the store. Buying decisions are often made spontaneously, so borrowers are rarely with them any proof of income.

Please note that quick and the best loan processing – the notion of incompatible. The lighter the Bank provides the loan, the higher its risks. Accordingly, such loans have higher interest rates. The only exception to this is the design of a Bank loan, a payroll customer which you are. Such clients are banks and financial transparent and they can approve them significant sums in the provision of a single passport.

If the amount of lending above 300-500 thousand rubles, is to be ready for what will be required to provide additional documents proving your income and employment history. Often require guarantors and collateral.

To simplify the procedure of obtaining a loan and select the optimal banking program you can apply to credit brokers. They will facilitate the loan and help to collect and prepare all the documents. But their services will have to pay a Commission (in average 3-5%).

Which banks are easiest to get credit?

You can select multiple banks in which the procedure for obtaining loans as simple as possible. So, in Bank the Renaissance the Credit can be worth up to 500 thousand rubles for the term up to three years. The interest rate varies in wide range – from 15.9 to 69.9%. Application will be treated in the same day. The borrower need only a passport and the second document on a choice (the international passport, INN, law, diploma of education). Among the Bank's requirements included age from 24 to 65 years old, have registration in the region of receiving the credit, the minimum income for Muscovites – from 10 thousand rubles, for the inhabitants of regions – by 6 thousand.

Credit program OTP Bank "OTP Express", you can arrange small sum to 75 thousand. But the decision to grant loan is taken quickly, within 15 minutes. The rate is determined individually and is in the range of 23.9 to 39.9%. In addition to a passport and a second document you need to provide data to the employer. If you want to get a larger amount (up to 500 thousand rubles), the application is considered long term and requires reinforcement with proof of income.

At Citibank, you can one day make a loan in the amount of 1 million rubles with the rate from 16% to 26%. But when applying for a loan for the sum over 450 thousand rubles is required to provide the reference 2-pit. The loan is available to borrowers aged 22 to 60 years with a minimum monthly income of 30 thousand.

In Bank home Credit you can receive a loan in one hour in the framework of the program "Fast money" customer can receive up to 30 thousand rubles at the rate of 46.9%. Requirements to borrowers: the age 23-64 years; citizenship of the Russian Federation; registration in the region of the loan; the availability of a landline phone.