Loan for unemployed

Recently is a large number of banks started to talk about loans without certificates of income. This service is called "credit for the unemployed". This does not mean that the banks have suddenly ceased to worry about the trustworthiness of their borrowers. Rather, attention to the unemployed segment of consumers shows the interest of banks to provide short-term loans with higher interest rates.

Most often, the loan without income certificate is ready to offer microfinance institutions and small banks. Stand out from state-owned banks, which are still strictly related to the selection of borrowers. So, Sberbank, VTB 24 and Gazprombank do not issue loans without proof of income even for regular customers.

Therefore, the appearance need to get a loan without income certificate, preferably bypassing the major banks and apply to banks of the second echelon. In a pinch, you can use the offers of microfinance institutions.

Additional documents

Instead of income, the Bank asks you to provide a passport and the second document: passport, military ID or driver's license.

To increase the chances of loan without references can confirm additional income – investment, pension calculation, subsidies, etc.

Most likely, when the loan for unemployed the Bank will ask for collateral in the form of movable or immovable property whose value exceeds the borrowed funds.

What to expect?

Risks in connection with the insolvency, the Bank compensates for a high level of annual interest. Most often starts from 20% to 50 % per annum.

Without proof of income banks are reluctant to issue the sum exceeding 200 000 rubles. The loan term may be up to 4 years.