You will need
  • crochet hook, comb, hot water, hair conditioner, firming masks and shampoos
One of the most painless and at the same time radical ways to get rid of dreadlocks – shaving. It is not necessary to do a hairstyle "under a zero". If the hair has significantly grown back, dreadlocks can be removed so that there is at least 3-5 cm of the hair. However, short haircuts are not afraid of those who are accustomed to experiment and prefer bandanas or other headwear. Haircut would be much more useful: first, after her hair grows much faster and thicker, and second, the new hair will not have to restore.
Do not take cash to remove dreadlocks in a special salon. The wizard will try to do this with the least damage to the beauty. But be prepared for the fact that the procedure spares the sink about one third of dead hair. In addition, the combing occurs painful (but tolerable) and takes several hours depending on the number of dreadlocks and their thickness. The advantages of the salon removing that head treated with a special detergent and restorative remedies for damaged hair.
If you took a courageous decision to remove dreadlocks by yourself in your own bathroom, then be patient, a crochet hook and a comb. The pain will probably not be as severe as if it were done by someone else. But in this case, the process of raspletanie will be significantly extended and may take several days. Begin to untwist the dred with the tip. If it's not wrapped, i.e., not woven into dreadlocks, then pull it will be easier. Crochet podavaite small strands for strand and output. It hurts, and the hair loss will be much greater than the cabin removing dreadlocks.
To make things easier, soak the dreadlocks in warm water and start to untangle them, one by one, using the conditioners and shampoo for hair. Do not pull out tufts of hair with power, proceed slowly, but carefully. After this painstaking procedure, use masks, balms and vitamins that will help to restore damaged hair.