You will need
  • Hair from 15 inches, comb, wax, hair, kanekalon.
To make dreadlocks you in several different ways. The easiest method is suitable for Rasta, the homeless and the free artists. You just need to get a haircut and not combing the hair. Sooner or later the hairs that don't know the combs themselves are rolled into long tangles. This is the dreadlocks. If you have curly hair that you besides not washed at all or washed only with soap and water, the process will go faster. If the hair is straight, dreadlocks will look very sloppy a few years until you rolled up.
You can help nature and make man-made dog's hair quickly. There is a choice. Jamaican Rastas, for example, to speed up the process "of Kadifekale" entangle hair in a pigtail, which break in half from tip to root. It hurts, and the hair back will not taking apart, but a true fan of rattakuller all uneasy.
A more gentle method is to necesitaria small hair strands from tip to root. With this hair damaged. The result can be improved and strengthened, brushing strands of comb a special wax for dreadlocks or regular bee and dry hair.
If your hair is small, everything is done exactly as described in the previous step, but with their hair necesitada kanekalon strands. The result will be even stronger if you solder these combined dreadlocks on the ends. Kanekalon is great for this purpose.
Finally, it is possible to build up on the hair ready dreadlocks from kanekalon, but strictly speaking, it's not quite dreads. The technology is similar to ordinary hair extensions.
If they lose shape, they can be correct conventional knitting or crochet hook from the guitar strings, stray threading the tip into the middle of the dred until complete disappearance of the protruding tip and the hiding place to "repair" a small amount of wax.
When necesitarian braiding dreadlocks on your hair, you can apply some wood or other plant ash or ash. It will make the hair tougher, and willing dreadlocks thicker. The first two weeks after you create natural dreadlocks can't wash my hair. After this period of time to wash dreadlocks with a special shampoo or a natural soap such as baby.