Advice 1: What female hairstyle to make dreadlocks

Dreadlocks in the creation of hairstyles is almost the same as normal hair. You can gather it in a ponytail, braiding it, and so on. There are more complex hairstyle from dreadlocks.

Ideas simple hairstyles for dreadlocks

Dreadlocks produce a stunning impression. Literally they mean dreadful or terrible. In order to obtain dreadlocks, the master must roll, or matted hair in tangles. For reliability hair profusely namasivaya wax. Impossible to untwist dreads: they can only cut or shave my head bald. There are artificial dreadlocks made from synthetic materials. They can be fastened to your own hair.

If your dreads look very voluminous, collect them in the tail. For fixing use a sturdy and thick rubber. To collect the tail can be anywhere: on top, behind the head or neck. If the part of hair you want left free to collect in the tail, only the front and temporal dreads, and let the rear just hang. Put on your sunglasses, and your look will be super stylish.

You can not use the gum, but instead wrap hair with one dragoi and fasten invisible. It looks very original.

If you have a noisy party, dismiss dreadlocks. And hair put on a cloth bandage. It can be flowers, crystals, beads and other decorative elements. A headband will not do, as it will not keep voluminous dreadlocks.

If your dreads are long enough, make a ponytail. And then collect them in a lump. Fix it with Bobby pins is unlikely to succeed. To bump is not broke, put on top of a large rubber band. A bundle of dreadlocks should get mega volume. If you go to the party, decorate the cone in any decorative elements.

Braiding from dreads

Hairstyles of dreadlocks with braids items at first difficult to perform. But over time you will get better and better. Due to the fact that dreads are very voluminous, are unlikely to braid one braid at once. It is better to use dreads as single strands for braids, and not to combine them.

If you want to get very voluminous braid, then combine a few dreadlocks in one strand and do the weaving. Always focus on the thickness of the dreadlocks, as it is different.

So, take two dreads at the front and sides and braid a normal braid. Let the rest of the dreadlocks hanging down the back. If dreads are not long, braids can get no more than 3-5 units.

Next haircut will make you look like a alien. First make absolutely everyone dreads in cornrows. They should be the same volume. And then twist each braid into a bun and secure it with small elastic. You may be able to use hairpins and invisible. So, all over the head you will have lots of KOs.

Weave braid of dreadlocks, located at the face. Then wrap the oblique head like a headband. The tip of the spit lock from the opposite ear.

Very nice braids of dreadlocks, which are woven in satin ribbon. Just tie a ribbon to the base of the dred. Use it as the third strand in a braid. Braid several braids with ribbons of the same color, and the remaining dreads leave her. Tape, rubber bands and other jewelry pick up so that they harmonize with your outfit.

Advice 2: How to learn to do hair

Every woman should be able to make your hair beautiful and attractive hairstyles for different occasions. Well-made hair that is suitable to your type of appearance and the corresponding event, accentuate your beauty, will celebrate dignity and will become a stylish Supplement to the image.
Every woman should be able to make your hair attractive hairstyles
Surely you know the characteristics of their appearance and their hair type. In accordance with these features, select the appropriate hairstyle. For example, if you have a slim figure and short stature, you should not choose too bulky and heavy hairstyles.
For different face shapes certain hairstyles can correct the oval of the face and make you more attractive. Round face good hairstyles medium length, visually narrowing the face; square face fit asymmetrical haircut combed forward. If the shape of the face too lengthened, you will not do straight long hair. Do in this case, Quinceanera hairstyles with curls and styling.
In order to be able to experiment with your own hair, do not forget to properly care for them. Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and use conditioners and nourishing masks. To achieve volume immediately after shampooing, apply to damp hair a little mousse or foam for packing.
Gently dry the hair, putting them round brush in the direction you want. The resulting styling spray lacquer. Also the varnish can be applied by tilting the head forward, and then lift hair at the roots with your fingers and hold in this position. Don't forget after any laying in the evening to wash your hair with a nourishing balm.
There are many different hairstyles which are very easy. For example, if you want to have an easy effortless curls, apply to wet, washed hair a light holding gel or mousse and roll the hair on large rollers. After the curlers are removed, smooth out the hair strands with your fingers, walkmate them and apply varnish.
To make a hair style, suitable for business events or severe working environment, tie carefully washed and combed hair in a ponytail, threading the elastic hair a few times. Not dotyagivaya strand to the end and leave a small loop. Fix the loop and strands of hair from the tail around the elastic with Bobby pins.
Elegant and strict can look carefully knotted on the side or on top ponytail, braid or plain, but elegant bun at the nape.

Advice 3: How to make hairstyle 40s

The grace and the beauty of women is not subject to time nor wars. Hairstyles in the style of the 40s is quite feminine, sexy and will suit almost every girl. In those years they had pretty interesting names. Traditional hairstyle, acquired popularity during the war years, were included symmetrical tubes and rollers. Now they are back in fashion.
How to make hairstyle 40s
You will need
  • - tool for installation;
  • - lacquer for the hair;
  • stud;
  • - pliers;
  • - the hairnet.
First learn how to curl your hair, as this is the most important component of almost all hairstyles of the 40s years. To do this, lightly spray the hair with water, comb, making a side parting. Then one strand of a width not greater than 1 cm will separate from the common mass of hair, apply foam for stacking, the base press with a finger and start slowly twist the entire strand. Remove it with your finger, making sure that it is not collapsed. The tips of the hair gently tuck inside the ring, and secure with Bobby pins or hairpins Phillips. So the section is ready.
To get a roller, make a few rings close to the head. When the hair is completely dry, remove the pins or remove the pins. On top to ensure that the roller spray hairspray.
Pretty easy to make waves, then bearing special popularity. Used waves of three types: narrow, soft and wide. A soft wave had sharp bends and was quite large, a narrow wave had sharp bends and was very thin, and a wave had sharp corners.
Sides of the head, you can style your hair with tongs in the form of soft waves, the ends to be Packed in a hairnet and secure with pins. This type of hairstyle looks very feminine.
For long and medium hair-a vintage hairstyle with a twisted up the ends. It will perfectly look, give the image of originality. Wet hair to make the braid or parted in the middle. If you have bangs, then put it to one side. Using the Curling iron to slightly curl the ends of your hair. Peel off a fairly large section of hair over the temple, necesite her odnorangovoj a hairbrush on all length. Finger gently twist your hair and lift the ring up and secure it with Bobby pins crosswise. On the other hand do the same. The rest of the hair comb, clip hair with hairspray strong hold.
Mens hairstyles 40s consisted of haircut "shaved" with left bangs and simply "Boxing". Were in fashion hats and caps, men especially do not care about trendy haircuts.
Laying in those years did not require any fastening means, as necessary, their use was not simple.
Useful advice
Hairstyles 40s go well with the simple cut dresses and bright makeup.
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