To increase sales at the grocery store, organize advertising campaign. First, determine what audience it will target. Work best stocks, which encompasses both regular and new customers. Advertise discount cards for first-time buyers who came into the store. And bonuses for the acquisition of goods for those who had shopped elsewhere. For regular customers enter the motivational system. Gifts for every tenth, twentieth or thirtieth alert. To limit the number of unprofitable visitors, enter the minimum amount to participate in the promotion. For example, three hundred or five hundred roubles.
Take a walk through nearby outlets and examine the range of products. Under the guise of a buyer, ask which products are better sold out. Negotiate with vendors for supply of missing items. So you attract consumers to a particular brand. The influx of new buyers, accelerate sales, and other products presented in the store.
Try to keep on the shelves of the store were from all popular brands. The more a product is advertised in the media, the more buyers they will be interested. Follow the competitions held grocery companies. In the period of sale of special brands increase several times.
Time to remove from the shelves of expired goods. If the shop is small, and only go to residents of nearby houses, broken products can make a bad name. Hearing about the deception of customers very quickly circled the entire area. And customers will shop at another store. Therefore, in any conflict situation, take the delay and return back the money.
To increase sales in the store self help proper location of shelves with goods. Motivate customers to take carts. To do this, puts heavy foods - vegetables, carbonated water, juices near the entrance. Customers will take a basket on wheels to carry weights in hands. Marketing researches show that customers with shopping carts to acquire products twenty-five to thirty percent more than those without.