All the traditional methods, such as the provision of additional services, diversification, and price competition, are rational methods of influence on the final consumer, while today's buyer is more guided by unconscious irrational motives. Direct influence on the choice of your retailer can have on a subconscious level by using the following techniques:
Floor design. It is a method of placing a certain type of equipment in specific areas of the hall. Even properly installed lighting equipment can increase sales growth by 20%;
The correct direction of the flow of customers in the store; displaying navigation guidance that will help you easily figure out where a rack is placement within the store.
Placement within the store.
The calculation of the optimum way of moving goods with additional loading in the hall. It must minimally affect the path of movement of visitors.
The organization places an additional display areas for promotions.
These factors indirectly but effectively influencing the buyer's choice, must be professionally analyzed, considered and implemented when performing specific activities which should be aimed at increasing the convenience of making purchases, the increase in time spent by each buyer in the sales area and frequency of visits. The longer the buyer is in there, the more his check.
So, it is obvious that increasing turnover is important not only to attract customers to your store, but also tie it, making this relationship not so much rational as emotional. Investments aimed at such events pay for themselves very quickly due to the increase in the average ticket buyer.