Advice 1: How to increase store sales

To increase store sales, you can follow one of the following ways. To make the above amount of the average purchase or to attract more buyers. In fact, and in another case, the curve of sales would go up.
Good job seller will help to increase store sales
You will need
  • - report on sales
  • phone for contact with suppliers
  • - training of sellers
  • - pr-campaign
  • - media plan
Analyze sales reports for the last 3-4 months. Surely there will be positions that hang "dead weight". If they are in your implementation – agree with the supplier about the refund or replacement for a similar model, but which was quickly implemented. Usually, providers are willing to dialogue with the stores, since we are interested in partnerships. If a product that is frozen is the property store that is purchased with the payment or with deferred payment, but the deadline has passed and the money for it paid, it's time to develop promotions for its early sales.
The key to a good trade – products store should be fully updated every three months. This is especially true for small shops, who come mostly regular customers. The exceptions are the shops selling bulky goods of high value. For them, this period is approximately six months.
Review the service. The sellers sales training, possible in your store there is no increase in sales for the reason that sellers are not able to sell? As a "good man" is not a profession, the friendly employee behind the counter – not the seller. Perhaps the store employees and would be glad to increase the average check, but don't know how.
Invite a successful business coach who helps salespeople to master sales skills. It guides them through the training system that coaches called a "ZUN" (Knowledge – skills – skills). In other words, a business coach will tell you how to sell; will show you how; work practices sales that need to increase revenue in the store.
Develop an advertising or pr campaign. To attract more buyers shop, there are two ways. The path (including the image in glossy magazines, television, radio broadcast, etc.) should choose the shops selling expensive, unique or oversized goods purchased by consumers is planned. In such stores can also travel through the city. For the advertising campaign, you must make a competent media plan, and develop mechanisms to verify the return on investment.
Shopping walking distance, including grocery stores, which cater primarily to an audience living or working in the vicinity, can be recommended pr. It is best in such cases, increases sales in stores, the development of loyalty programs. Bind the buyer to the point of sale, this can be done by the issue of discount cards of the type "Third purchase of the week – 20% discount" etc. In shops designed for young people, a good idea increase the revenue of the loyalty program in the format of "Bring two friends – get a discount on their purchases at 15%".
Grocery stores can be a good opportunity to sell 5-6 products a high demand for trade margins. Then the word spread that the store certain products are cheaper than the rest, will quickly spread to neighboring yards. And to increase sales of these stores will be due to the additional purchases, because not only do 5-6 names shoppers go to the store.
Trying to increase sales of the store, do not overdo it. An infinite number of leaflets, consumers find in their mailboxes, will hardly increase their loyalty.
Useful advice
A prerequisite to increase sales in store – high quality goods and excellent service. While this is not worthy of the revenue should not wait.

Advice 2 : How to Rev up grocery store

Good turnover of goods is extremely important for the food sector. A short shelf life and high price competition are pushing shop owners to take a range of measures to increase sales.
How to Rev up grocery store
You will need
  • - ABC analysis;
  • table;
  • - utensils.
Guide ABC-analysis of assortment by analyzing sales for a few months. Consider the seasonality factor, as well as carrying out promotional activities on certain categories. In group a will comprise 20% of the goods that bring you 80% of income. Turnover should increase for this category since the products of groups b and C required for the total range.
Use the principles of merchandising. First of all, review the display on the shelves. At eye level of the buyer and direct connection should be the goods of group A. Most of them running in the middle of the shelf, the so-called "gold". At the top place of expensive products, which will play the role of the image in the window. On the lower shelves supply the goods in large packages and with very low mark-up: such, for which the buyer is not too lazy to bend down (for example, flour, bottles of water, potatoes).
Trace the trajectory of buyers in the trading hall. Try to place the most popular items in different places of the store. In this case, the client will have to go all over the place: in the course of movement it will certainly take and other products that had not planned to buy originally.
Periodically arrange promotions to stimulate sales, attracting buyer very low price on any one product. The cost should be significantly less than similar products from your competitors. Coming to your store for this product, the customer will probably choose something else.
Use the "atmospheric" calculations using related products. This method is especially effective around the holidays or when the seasons change. For example, "cover the table", putting on his glasses, beautiful dishes, as well as expanding similar in purpose goods: wine, luxury cheeses, chocolates, exotic fruits.
Useful advice
Closely monitor the smell in the store. Make sure that the ventilation is proper and often ventilate showroom. Any unpleasant smell can repel potential buyers not only from purchasing, but even from the next visits.
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