You will need
  • System for intravenous drug administration, the disposable diaper.
To independently put on a drip intravenously quite difficult, it requires, at least, a certain skill. Therefore, if your cat is assigned to the dripimmediately ask to in a veterinary clinic animal put an intravenous catheter. It will allow you to do drip the cat alone, without additional puncture of the vein. Note that the catheter may not be in Vienna for more than five days, after this period it is necessary to change.
как поставить катетер собаке
Prepare the place where you will drip a cat. This is best done on the table. Prepare a disposable diaper, since the animals during IV drips can be written. Prepare stock solution (as a rule, saline or glucose solution), add drugs, if necessary. Fill the syringes, the medications you entered during the procedure. Open the package with the system, prepare it for installation (close roller clamp, turn it down; remove the protective cap from the needle for vial and insert the needle completely into the vial with the solution; tighten the bottle around the table, several times, squeeze Podgornoe the scope to be filled with the drug to half; open the roller clamp and pull the air to the tubes not bubbles).
гастрит у собаки лечение
For setting the dropper will place the cat on its side. If the animal is restless, you may need help. Razbitosti the catheter, open the white cap, it connects the IV without the needle. Open the roller clamp on the IV and adjust the infusion rate of the drug (for a cat she is approximately 20 drops per minute). All additional products are introduced into the rubber sleeve of the system very slowly, with a drip do not overlap. When all preparations are fully pacapausa, close the clamp and disconnect the IV from the catheter, immediately twisting his white cap. Bandage the catheter to the animal pulled him out of his paws.
выбрать ветклинику в Москве