You will need
  • - several syringes with thin needles (insulin or children);
  • - preparations for injection;
  • - plaid;
  • - a treat for the cat.
Prepare everything you need for the shot. Print the bottle or vial of medicine if needed – blend the components for injection according to the recommendation of the vet. Place vials, syringes (better to have a backup) so as not to accidentally knock them over.
как сделать подкожно укол кошке
Type in the syringe the medication, adjust the amount in accordance with the prescribed dosage. Will release the air from the syringe.
куда кошке делают укол
Put the cat on the floor or sofa. Left hand take her by the shouldersand press them a little. Pull the skin of the withers, holding the cat by the elbow. The right hand take the syringe and insert the needle parallel to the surface on which the animal. Enter smooth, firm motion, not more than 1/3 of the needle. Make sure to get under the skin.
как правильно сделать р рингера котенку
Slightly loosen the grip of the withers and slowly release medicine. If the coat becomes wet, then the liquid gets under the skin. Enter a new batch and repeat the injection.
как колоть наклофен котёнку?
If you doubt that you can handle the cat alone, get a helper. It needs to take pre-wrapped in a blanket the animal on his knees, firmly fixing it. You make the shot, acting on the scheme described above.
как правильно поставить укол коту
Don't panic if the cat will start to get nervous. Calmly bring the procedure to the end. Sometimes painful, not so much the puncture, how much medication that you insert.
Swipe your hand over the wool, making sure the medicine does not leak. This means that the injection is done correctly. Release the cat, give her a treat.
If your cat is prescribed a course of injections, it is better not to do injections in the same place. You can use the entire surface of the animal's body from neck to ribs. The main thing is pull the skin.