You will need
  • Charcoal for Shisha
  • Gas or electric stove
  • Lighter or matches
  • Metal tweezers
If you purchased quickly kindling the coals are covered with a special composition containing nitrate), then you need only a few seconds. Light the match or lighter and heat one tablet of charcoal from all sides, yet he will not cease to spark and give off smoke. Also for ignition of the charcoal you can use a special device, but buying them makes sense only if you smoke hookah often enough.
A little more time you will need to ignite natural charcoal. But it's worth it: only natural wood charcoal makes the tobacco flavor really sophisticated. This coal is used by gourmets and connoisseurs of the hookah. First pick up the coal in accordance with the taste of tobacco (e.g., tobacco grape - charcoal from vine to orange tobacco - charcoal from orange wood). Smoking hookah usually use 2-3 sections of charcoal.
Heat the coal on a gas or electric stove or in a device for ignition until it glowing red hot on all sides. Be careful of heated coal has a very high temperature, so use a special metal tongs.
The heated coal is cut into 3-4 pieces and put them on the center of the foil covering the Cup with tobacco. Wait 15-20 seconds before making first inhaling.
After a couple of minutes when the tobacco is heated, lay the pieces of coal evenly on the foil. Every 10-15 minutes, clean coal and move it so it smoldered evenly. If the coal will dotlet before you're finished Smoking, it makes sense to replace it with a new one. Decayed coal shake on the saucer that is under the Cup of tobacco.