You will need
  • - wood for turning into charcoal
  • - firewood
  • - iron tank
  • - scoop
Charcoal obtained by thermal decomposition of wood without air supply. This process is called pyrolysis. Depending on the combustion conditions formed product with different properties. The main parameter influencing the quality of coal, is the temperature of pyrolysis.
By charring the wood bled of moisture and oxygen, leaving only combustible substances — carbon and hydrogen. Pyrometric indicators of the obtained product is increased compared to the starting material. To obtain the charcoal glow of the wood need to slowly, and the process temperature should be about 400°C. Rapid heating to high temperatures will lead to the formation of tar and volatile products of combustion.
To the charcoal can in the home, erecting the analogue furnaces for charcoal. For this fit the iron barrel with a sealed lid. Cook and firewood, and the wood intended for turning into charcoal. Install a barrel on a stand, for example, stones or bricks. Fill your improvised furnace for charcoal wood, previously cut into small bars. Tightly close the lid. Provide small holes for release of flammable gases. Put a flame under a barrel.
After a few hours, when holes cease to pass gas, heating can be stopped. But the barrel should not open until the complete cooling of the obtained coal without access of air. Otherwise, the combustion air may be resumed, and the coal is completely burned.
You can just burn wood in the stove or in the fire to produce red coals. Then collect the coal shovel in an iron container, tightly close and leave no air flow to cool down.