You will need
  • - lighter fluid;
  • - a dry mixture for ignition;
  • - matches or a special lighter;
  • - fur for ignition;
  • - dry chips.
Liquid for ignition of charcoal is quite a popular tool among barbecue lovers. For outings, choose a bright liquid in the bottle or with a prominent label, not to lose it in the grass - don't leave things in the woods, observe all fire safety rules.

On the bottom of the brazier lay even layer of charcoal and pour the lighter fluid. Three kilograms of coal would take about 250 ml of product. Then fold the pyramid coals, sprinkle again a little bit wait for a pair of incendiary will not go away, and ignite the lighter with a special spout or tourist matches. If neither one nor the other, coal tongs, hold a burning napkin and her kindle pyramid.
When the coals reach the desired condition, so that they could roast the meat (it takes 30-40 minutes), by this time, and a couple lighter fluid evaporate.

To still not sniff doubtfully to the kebab, give it a special flavor using small logs or kindling apples, vines or cherries laid on top of charcoal.
Dry hot mix much more convenient - it will not flow out from the bottle in a bag or trunk, you will not spill it on your clothes and hands, to use it easier. Tablets or cubes of this mixture, it is better on the basis of paraffin, put in the bottom of the pyramid of the charcoal and ignite.

If you often use the grill, then get yourself a starter for rapid kindling of charcoal without chemicals. A small portion of the fuel erupted in the belly of this device, is poured into a roasting pan, and from these coals together are fire and the rest.
For the origin of the fire needs the air, but how long to blow on the embers, standing over the grill, not good for health and not always effective. Buy a fur for ignition, they are very comfortable, lightweight, look stylish and are inexpensive, about five hundred rubles. They are infusible metal ferrule, wooden base and a loop to hang the fur on the side of the hook construction of the grill.
If absolutely nothing of these funds, you are not taken, then kindle the embers of the old-fashioned way. Find dry twigs, woodchips, bark, paper, napkins, cardboard packaging of any product and put it all in the base of a pyramid of coal. Ignite the pile with a match. Slowly but surely, the charcoal will ignite, and without the barbecue you will not go!