You will need
    • a big pan or several pans of medium size,
    • need recipe cooking products
    • glass jars of different sizes,
    • trays for the storage of food
    • bakeware,
    • plastic bags,
    • stickers
    • permanent marker.
If you are working and want to be able to quickly cook soups on weekdays, will have to allocate time, for example, in the output. Take the biggest pot you can find at home. If we freeze the brothin large quantities. Stock up on needed prescription food, of course, increased in proportion to their number. Or, for example, take three pots smaller and buy products for three different brothov. Then you will be able to further diversify the menu of his family.
For freezing you can choose any simple recipe for the brothand that will become the basis for the preparation of several soups. Along with the brothOhm you can freeze meat. Better to pre-cut it into small pieces. You can also make the finished dressing, for example, for soup, and freeze it. Then you just need to mix the dressing with the brothohms, heat, and the soup is ready. Can be frozen and ready soups. As the broth, the soup should be frozen the same day it was prepared, pre-cool to room temperature.
Allow to cool completely prepared broth. Then take the glass jars. Banks should be wiped clean. For greater confidence in their sterility can be rinsed with boiling water. Better to take a few cans of different sizes. In large banks, it is possible to freeze the broth in case you are going to please the family soup, and a small, in order to add it, for example, sauces. Pour the cooled broth in jars, tightly close the lid and put in the freezer. You can also freeze the broth in trays for food storage. For this purpose it is better to choose glass, not plastic utensils. Pour the broth into the trays, close the lids tightly and put them in the freezer. The broth can also be frozen and stored in ordinary plastic bags. Whether pre-freeze the broth in forms for ice cubes, and then pour them into a package. Then, whatever the recipe, you can defrost the desired amount of broth.