You will need
  • A reflector which is necessary to restore, chrome film, for example, the film ORACAL No. 351 chrome-plated.
Carefully remove the headlight from the vehicle. Completely take it apart to have free access restored to the reflector. It will not be so easy. First, the headlamp is Packed with wires and bulbs, and secondly – it-yourself reflector sits firmly in the spotlight. But it can be removed (podkovyrnut) using a long screwdriver, using it as leverage.
How to restore <strong>reflector</strong>
Then cut out chrome film elements that mimic the landscape of the inner part of the reflector. It is worth remembering that accurate cutting of the parts should be done in advance, checking markup and repeatedly applying cut to the surface of the reflector. You can pre-make a "pattern" of masking tape (stick it on the parts of the reflector and cut off the excess with a knife, then bring the sample on the film). This must be done so as not to spoil the extra inches of tape.
How to restore <strong>reflector</strong>
Carefully apply tape to the inner surface of the reflector. Then collect the Faro and set it back on the car.
The rear part of the reflector, outside (if it is patterned), you can recover with the help of spray with "liquid chrome". This paint dries in 15 minutes.