You will need
  • -gloves;
  • -screwdriver ;
  • - pliers;
  • - automobile sealant;
  • - degreaser.
Remove the headlight from the car. To do this, Unscrew the screws, which secure it to the body. Next, disconnect hydrocollator and wires. Transfer Faro dry and ventilated room. Wear gloves and try gently to remove the glass. If for some reason glass resists, put the spotlight on a flat surface, previously having spread a newspaper or unwanted cloth and break the glass lights .
Take the pliers and pull the remains of the glass. Be careful, wear gloves to prevent cuts. Pick a screwdriver with a width of slot equal to the width of the bed lights. Clean all the old sealant. Pay special attention to the clips and at the corners. In these places can be particularly difficult to clean the surface.
Inspect the reflector. Because of damage to the glass there may be dirt that would have to be removed with a clean, dry cloth or napkin . Degrease the surface lights and new glass, prepared to replace. Inspect Faro second to choose the correct sealant. The color of this substance on both headlights should be the same. Please note that the sealant can be black, white and transparent.
Apply the sealer in a thin strip. Note the uniform layer of the substance. It is important for the subsequent process of bonding the new glass. Take the new glass and tightly pressed it into the grooves with sealant, cover the design with a rope or wrap tape molar. Leave the headlight to dry for about a day.