Advice 1: How to change headlight lens 2107

The lights on the car LADA 2107 not always reliable. In the original equipment, they are virtually unprotected from mechanical damage. It happens that on the track a stray stone leaves marks or cracks on the glass headlights. In this case, to fix the headlight, you must first remove the glass.
How to change headlight lens 2107
You will need
  • -gloves;
  • -screwdriver ;
  • - pliers;
  • - automobile sealant;
  • - degreaser.
Remove the headlight from the car. To do this, Unscrew the screws, which secure it to the body. Next, disconnect hydrocollator and wires. Transfer Faro dry and ventilated room. Wear gloves and try gently to remove the glass. If for some reason glass resists, put the spotlight on a flat surface, previously having spread a newspaper or unwanted cloth and break the glass lights .
Take the pliers and pull the remains of the glass. Be careful, wear gloves to prevent cuts. Pick a screwdriver with a width of slot equal to the width of the bed lights. Clean all the old sealant. Pay special attention to the clips and at the corners. In these places can be particularly difficult to clean the surface.
Inspect the reflector. Because of damage to the glass there may be dirt that would have to be removed with a clean, dry cloth or napkin . Degrease the surface lights and new glass, prepared to replace. Inspect Faro second to choose the correct sealant. The color of this substance on both headlights should be the same. Please note that the sealant can be black, white and transparent.
Apply the sealer in a thin strip. Note the uniform layer of the substance. It is important for the subsequent process of bonding the new glass. Take the new glass and tightly pressed it into the grooves with sealant, cover the design with a rope or wrap tape molar. Leave the headlight to dry for about a day.
When working with the sealant please note that the odor of this chemical quite unpleasant. This is especially true of transparent automotive sealant. This fact takes on special weight in the case, if the repair is made at home.
Useful advice
Instead of a screwdriver to clean the grooves from the old headlight sealant suitable as a scalpel or utility knife.

Advice 2: How to put glass VAZ-2107, VAZ-2106

During the tuning the body of the car VAZ 2106 car owners often set back (because it's heated) and front side Windows from the seventh model "the Zhiguli". Replacement of these parts in the doors of the "six" made of low quality glass narrow triangles, called "mitrovicali" on which the locking hooks never do not stay long.
How to put glass VAZ-2107, VAZ-2106
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a nylon cord;
  • small wrenches.
Before installing the rear windscreen, heated lay it on a table covered with a blanket (wool or Baikov). Sealing rubber insert the lock and apply a thin layer of silicone sealant on the inside of the cavity.
Put the rubber band on the glass and lay in the outer groove nylon cord, lubricated so that the ends of it were withdrawn at the bottom, center.
Together with an assistant, insert the glass with a rubber band in the bottom groove of the frame body. During this procedure, watch out for the fact that it was set exactly in the center. If necessary, align the glass, tapping his fingers on its surface to offset in one direction or another.
From inside the vehicle start to pull the cord out of the gasket simultaneously with its extraction, he turns the edge of the gum, which fits over the edge of the frame body, in this time, outside the hands flatten the glass down.
With the replacement of side Windows in the doors, the situation is somewhat more complicated.
Remove the door hook for opening the door, the window regulator handle, the armrest, the trim and the top of the pad.
In the inner cavity of the door, remove the screw fastening the guide glass and two more on a bracket that is fixed on the cable of the lifting device.
Lower the glass inside and Unscrew with a screwdriver the top screw attaching the gutter to the frame of the door, after which he retrieved, and behind him, and glass. Remove the triangular glass Mitrovica".
Insert the door in the sixth model side glass from the "seven" and mount it to the bracket side mirrors.
Raise the glass up until it stops and hold it with one hand, hook on the cable of the lifting device locking clip, tighten the two screws.
Similar work done with the second door, then you need to install the trim and other accessories.

Advice 3: How to change shock absorbers for VAZ 2107

The comfort of traveling by car depends on shock absorbers. They are necessary for the damping of vibrations when driving on uneven surfaces. Enough of bad roads, so the quality shock absorbers on the car is the key to a high degree of comfort.
The car VAZ-2107
You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • - penetrating lubricant;
  • - a set of new shock absorbers;
  • - wheel chocks;
  • - Jack.
Decide what shocks will change in the first place. If on the front suspension install the rear wheel chocks. If on the rear suspension, put the stops under the front wheels. Replacing the front shock absorbers is conducted on a pit or overpass. If neither the first nor the second, it is possible to set the machine on soft ground and make a small indentation under the lower control arms. The depth of the hole should be about 20-30 centimeters. It will allow you to extract the shock absorber from seat.
Open the hood of the car VAZ-2107. You need to Unscrew the nut from the shock absorber. Key 8 to hold the rod from turning. Unscrewed the nut with a ring spanner 17. Remove metal washer and rubber cushion. The latter must be replaced together with shock absorber. Stock push down using a screwdriver or other suitable tool. Now you need to Unscrew nuts of fastening of shock absorber to lower control arm.
Loosen and remove the two nuts that secure the bracket of the shock absorber to the lever. Front will go down, but may rest against the surface. To extract it, you need the rod to fully enter into the damper. To remove the wheel is not necessary, it is sufficient to Unscrew the steering wheel for convenience. With the old rack, you remove the bracket and install it on the new part. Along the way, replace all rubber bushings. Removing and installing shock absorbers on both sides of the front suspension are the same.
Raise the rear of the car on a Jack, if no inspection pit or lift. So it will be easier to replace. Not necessary to simultaneously remove both shocks. First replace with one hand, then the other. To perform the work will require two key 17. The lower part of the shock absorber is bolted to the suspension elements using studs. For its extraction must be set with one side key 17 and rests on the wheel or traction. The second key, Unscrew the nut from the other side of the studs.
Treat threaded joints penetrating lubricant, if not be nuts. The upper part of the absorber is fixed to the vehicle body. Key 17 Unscrew the nut that is tightened on the stud for mounting the rack. On new shock absorber, install the rubber bushing. Put the upper part on the stud in the car body and loosely tighten the nut. Then install the lower part of the seat under her. Secure the shock absorber using new nuts, washers and stud. Similar is the change of the second post.

Advice 4: How to change clutch on VAZ 2107

Failure of clutch is the most common fault with any car. The movement of the traffic, frequent stops and pulling away, ruining the clutch disc. But when you replace the driven disk, it is desirable to change both the leading and the release bearing.
Basket, disc and release bearing
The clutch you need to disconnect the transmission input shaft and engine crankshaft. It is used for smooth starting, gear shifting occurs without jerks and squeaks. The VAZ 2107 is applied single-disc clutch with hydraulic drive.

This drive is more complicated than cable actuated, but it also has its advantages. Most importantly – easy pedal effort you need to exert less. To change the clutch assemblies you will need to fully remove the transmission. And during the procedure, you need to look at the other items for defects.

Removing the transmission

To make work easier on a pit or overpass. Preferably, but not necessarily, the presence of the assistant, because work is needed both under the hood and under the car. We must start from the top, disconnecting the battery. After freezing, disconnect all the wires connecting the transaxle and the engine. The salon understands the shift lever.

The starter should be removed, and the tank drain all the liquid. Work from the top until it's over, move under the bottom. Unscrew the propeller shaft. Here we must be careful, because you have to mark the position of the cardan shaft flange on the rear axle and on the splines at the checkpoint. If the set is not as it was, it could cause hum and extraneous vibration.

From the box to disconnect the reverse sensor and the cable of the speedometer. The clutch actuator cylinder is attached to two bolts that need to Unscrew and remove in the direction of the cylinder. The penultimate is to Unscrew the nuts that secure the box to the bottom. But the last – Unscrew the four bolts to the engine.

And then you need to rip the box to do so is sometimes difficult. To facilitate your work, set the speed selector lever in the position corresponding to third gear. Avoid sudden drop down box, if you do not plan to change the clutch basket. But the best option is to replace all nodes, namely:

• master and slave drives.
• release bearing;
• the wreath of a flywheel;
• 6 attachment bolts of the basket.

The bolts should be changed in any way.

Install clutch and Assembly

With the installation of the basket and the driven disc is necessary to observe alignment. Otherwise it will not work to connect the box and the engine, the input shaft will be in its place. If there is no centering device, you can use an old input shaft, disc, machined to size or a section of pipe of suitable diameter.

Tighten the bolts only after the alignment. After removed from the box input shaft release bearing, install new one. Now you can collect all. Install and reassemble in the reverse order of disassembly. Note crosses the propeller shaft, outboard of the bearing. If need be, make their replacement.
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