Advice 1: How to sew a bag-a shopping bag

To sew a bag-a bag you can own. Moreover, it is not necessarily shopping bag, made of lace or dressy fabric, this accessory could complement the appearance. Moreover, this form of bags is held firmly in fashion the last few years.
How to sew a bag-a shopping bag
You will need
  • cloth;
  • -threads;
  • -needle;
  • -a sewing machine.
Will have plenty of dense fabric rectangle. The length of the part should be such that by bending the rectangle in half, you got the desired bag length. Width must initially conform to a desired plus an inch of seam on each side. Then take the same rectangle of thinner fabric, the length and width of which is less than one and a half or two inches. It's the lining. The lining of the better to carve out of dark fabric - it is much more practical. The last detail - the pen. It is better that the bag was over his shoulder - so fashionable. Lay on the shoulder cm and determine the length of the part. The handle is folded several times, so you'll need to correctly calculate its width.
Fold and pristrochite to the wrong side one inch from the top and bottom of the rectangle. Do the same with the detail lining. Then fold both parts in half, face inwards. Prostrochite the bag on both sides. Then do the same with the lining. Remove both parts on the front side. Align the top edge of the lining with the top edge of the bag and sew them to each other at the seam, which was formed when machining edges. Of course you need to sew in a circle, when it's not sewing up the resulting pocket. The sides between the lining and the bag to leave a small slot, then insert the handle.
Fold the inside edge of the handle along the length of the part. To establish need is not much. Pristrochite. Then fold again, the resulting edges of the butt. And again pristrochite. The item handles treated, it is now necessary to insert in advance left the slit, to sew, and then finally pristroit the lining to the outer part of the bag.
Use decorative elements, for example, sew the folded fabric roses to the top corner of the product. This shopping bag is made of elegant fabric, it can be an elegant accessory to complement any outfit.

Advice 2 : How to decorate a jeans bag with your hands

Each woman wants to have a lot of bags that match certain outfits in your wardrobe. However, far from all the girls can afford often to buy new accessories. The output from this is: you can decorate her old, unremarkable handbag, making it stylish, fashionable and interesting.
How to decorate a jeans bag with your hands

If your bag is made of soft material, such as denim, with the decoration of the problems avoided.

For summer denim bag to decorate in a nautical theme. To do this, simply take pieces of suede or leather, cut out of them in the shape of anchors, fish and the like, wastegate using the embroidery floss sew them to the bag, placing it where you prefer. In conclusion, tie to the handle of the lace cord.

If your handbag from light denim, you can paint them with special paints. To do this, purchase acrylic paint on fabric, inside the bag put the cardboard and draw the outer side of the accessory any pattern at will (at first it is desirable to draw with a pencil). Let the picture dry, then put on a cotton cloth and iron with a hot iron.

The easiest way to decorate a bag to stick to her application. They can be purchased at any fabric store. If you wish to do applique with your hands, then nothing could be easier. Take pieces of felt (or any other material but difficult to spill from the edges), draw on them, like flowers, cut out and glue to the bag using hot glue.

If you have quite a lot of free time, a bag made of denim can be decorated with embroidery of colored threads or beads. For this you need to draw a simple pencil on the bag pattern, and then carefully sew this pattern. Schemes drawings now not a problem to find on the Internet: use them.

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