You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • lubricant;
  • - SpeedFan.
To get started, install the program SpeedFan. It allows you to view the temperature of those devices that have special sensors to change the speed of rotation of coolers. Run the program and go to the tab "Indicators".
At the top of the window you will see the temperature of the device and the lower list of fans. Adjust the speed of rotation of the blades by pressing the buttons "Up" and "Down". Do not close the program to save the selected speed, press the Collapse button to hide window to the system tray.
If you are not satisfied with the result obtained through the software settings of the computer, turn off and disassemble it. Browse for the fans. They are usually located on the graphics card, the back of the system unit and the CPU. Remove the required coolers.
Remove the sticker from the selected fan. Do not dispose of it because sometimes it prevents dust to the axis of rotation of the blades. If you saw this axis, and then drip into the hole from where it goes, some amount of machine oil or grease. Bring the sticker onto the place.
If the sticker was plastic cover, then remove it. To most thoroughly lubricate the axle, disassemble the cooler. Remove the retaining ring and rubber washer. Remove the axle from the hole. Lubricate the axis of rotation lubricant and drip it into the hole of the blades. Assemble the cooler.
Swipe the procedure described in the fourth and fifth steps with the rest of the fans. Now take cotton swabs or discs, soak them in a weak alcoholic solution. They wipe the blades of all the fans. It is necessary to remove debris and dust. Install the cooler in place.
Turn on the computer and run the program SpeedFan. If the temperature of certain devices is still higher than normal, then replace the coolers on more powerful counterparts.