Advice 1: How to increase the fan speed in the BIOS

If you're planning on overclocking your system, it is desirable first to increase the speed of rotation of the cooler. This applies to both the CPU cooler and fan, which is mounted on the computer case. Most motherboards has the option of setting the fans manually. This can be done through the BIOSmenu.
How to increase the fan speed in the BIOS
You will need
  • - computer with Windows.
Before you start to increase the speed of the cooler, you should verify whether this option your motherboard. This information should be in the manual. Almost all modern motherboards from different manufacturers have the function of regulating the speed of the cooler.
Turn on the computer. Immediately after that you need press the Del key. In most cases, with the help of this button you can open the BIOS menu. If after clicking this button nothing happens, check the manual to your motherboard. There's got to be a button that is responsible for opening the BIOS menu.
After opening the BIOS go to the POWER. In this section, select HW Monitor configuration. There should be the option of regulating the speed of the coolers. Depending on the motherboard model, this option may be named differently, for example, CPU Q-Fan function or just Fan control. You have to focus on the word Fan. Select this option and press the Enter key. From the options select Enable, and then the line Profile.
There will be several modes of fan speed. Select Performance mode. In it the speed of the coolers will be the maximum. But on some motherboards may be available on Turbo mode. If you extremely important for maximum cooling of the computer components, in the presence of Turbo-mode it is better to choose it.
After selecting the desired mode exit the BIOS. Be sure to save the changed settings. The computer will reboot. The next time you run the speed of the coolers will increase.
Useful advice
Depending on the motherboard model a function of the speed of the coolers may vary. For example, on some models, you can only control the speed of the processor fan, on the other - all coolers that are connected to the system Board.

Advice 2 : How to increase the speed of the laptop

To increase the speed of operation of the laptop in several ways. But even the use of software utilities of Microsoft Windows operating system will significantly improve the productivity of work. All the above decisions are not binding and are at the discretion of the user.
How to increase the speed of the laptop
Click "start" to bring up the main menu system and navigate to "control Panel" to remove unwanted applications.
Open the link "add or remove programs" and execute the operation of removing all unnecessary for work, but occupying precious storage space applications.
Replace the preset "lighter" or portable software.
Return to the main menu "start" and click "Execute" to remove unwanted applications from startup of the laptop.
Enter the value msconfig in the Open box and click OK to confirm the command.
Go to the tab "startup" in the opened window application and remove all unnecessary applications.
Return to the main menu "start" and click "execute" to execute the speed off.
Type regedit in the Open box and click OK to confirm the command.
Expand the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlsetcontrol and change the value WaitToKillServiceTimeout to 5000.
Return to the main menu "start" and click "Execute" to initiate disabling unnecessary services and processes in the system.
Enter the value msconfig in the Open box and press Enter to execute the command.
Go to the tab "Services" window that opens, select applications and unnecessary services.
Open the context menu of the selected service by right-clicking the mouse and select the command "Stop" or "Disable".
Return to the main menu "start" and navigate to "All programs" to complete the defragmentation.
Click "Standard" and select "Service".
Open the link "disk Defragmenter" and set the required parameters.
Click "start" and go to "My computer" to disable a tool "system Restore".
Open the link "Properties" and click "system Restore".
Apply a check mark on "turn Off system restore" and click OK.
Go back to your "My computer" and specify a local drive for abolition of the indexing disk.
Select "Properties" and uncheck the box for "Allow indexing disk for fast searching".
Optimize the RAM of the laptop for maximum effect, increase productivity.

Advice 3 : How to increase laptop fan speed

The main problem with some laptops is the low quality of the cooling system. This is usually due to the fact that the fans run at 30-50% of their maximum capacity.
How to increase laptop fan speed
Most often, the laptop coolers do not work at full capacity. This is because the system saves battery power by spending it on more important device. If you think that the temperature of certain equipment exceeds the norm, you should boost the speed of rotation of the blades. Install the program SpeedFan. Run this app.
First, examine the indicators of temperatures. Locate the device temperature exceeds the permissible limits. Repeatedly press the arrow "Up" located next to the name of the cooler installed on the equipment. Wait for the installation of a stable temperature for a given speed of rotation of the blades of the cooler. Minimize the window but do not close it.
If using this utility you cannot change the settings of the fans, then use the program AMD OverDrive. It is better to use it when working with a laptop which has a processor company AMD. After the main program menu, scroll to Fan Control located in the submenu Performance Control. Move the slider located below the graphical images of all coolers, setting a value of 100%. Click the Apply button to apply settings.
Click the Preferences button and select Settings. In the menu that opens, activate the checkbox Apply my last settings by marking it with a tick. It is necessary that the program automatically load your settings after switching on the laptop. Click OK and close the program OverDrive.
If you have a laptop with Intel CPU, then use the program Riva Tuner for setting the speeds of rotation of coolers. Perform a similar operation, increasing to value to the desired fan speed. Remember that during intense work these devices consume a lot of energy.

Advice 4 : How to increase Internet speed on laptop

Download of large files and surfing on a large number of sites require high-speed Internet. You can increase the Internet speed on the laptop several proven methods.
Try to increase Internet speed on laptop

To increase Internet speed on laptop you can help the special recommendations from the provider. Often users of computer or laptop use the standard network settings, while the custom settings provided by your ISP, you can increase the connection speed several times.

Go to the folder "Network neighborhood" through the menu "start" Windows XP or older. Select "Show all network connections. Open the properties of the active connection to the Internet. Here go to settings, TCP/IP and set the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers provided by your ISP. Save the settings and connect to the Internet again.

If you are using an Internet connection through a router, your Internet service provider and the manufacturer of the device recommended settings for your computer configuration. You can increase the Internet speed, if properly configured, the configuration of the router online.

Use the special settings of the Internet browsers to increase the connection speed. In particular, install the latest version of the browser. The fastest are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. In their work they use special protocols, accelerating the process of opening pages. In addition, some browsers, e.g. Opera, have a special "Turbo mode" it reduces the quality of the images and also some other items on the sites that can significantly increase the speed of the Internet.

Periodically test the connection speed. Tests the connection speed you can find through Internet search engines. Compare the test results with the data declared by the provider. If the difference is large enough, contact technical support: you will dictate the correct network settings, or change them directly in the provider's office.

Try to change the current rate of use of home Internet. Perhaps paying a bit more and connecting more effective rate, you can significantly increase the speed of the Internet.

Don't forget to check computer for viruses and malicious programs that often reduce the throughput of the home network. It is enough to set one of the free programs antivirus. Also, try to go only on trusted and secure sites.

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