Most often, the laptop coolers do not work at full capacity. This is because the system saves battery power by spending it on more important device. If you think that the temperature of certain equipment exceeds the norm, you should boost the speed of rotation of the blades. Install the program SpeedFan. Run this app.
First, examine the indicators of temperatures. Locate the device temperature exceeds the permissible limits. Repeatedly press the arrow "Up" located next to the name of the cooler installed on the equipment. Wait for the installation of a stable temperature for a given speed of rotation of the blades of the cooler. Minimize the window but do not close it.
If using this utility you cannot change the settings of the fans, then use the program AMD OverDrive. It is better to use it when working with a laptop which has a processor company AMD. After the main program menu, scroll to Fan Control located in the submenu Performance Control. Move the slider located below the graphical images of all coolers, setting a value of 100%. Click the Apply button to apply settings.
Click the Preferences button and select Settings. In the menu that opens, activate the checkbox Apply my last settings by marking it with a tick. It is necessary that the program automatically load your settings after switching on the laptop. Click OK and close the program OverDrive.
If you have a laptop with Intel CPU, then use the program Riva Tuner for setting the speeds of rotation of coolers. Perform a similar operation, increasing to value to the desired fan speed. Remember that during intense work these devices consume a lot of energy.