You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - silicone grease;
  • - tweezers.
If you notice that one of the coolers stopped working, first check the cause of the problem. Open the BIOS menu and make sure that for Fan Control is not set to Disabled. If the cooling function is active, turn off the computer and open the system unit. Find out whether you have connected the power cable of the cooler. Usually fans get the necessary electricity through the contacts on the motherboard or device to which they are connected.
Try to connect the cooler cable to the other connector. Turn on the computer and check the functionality of the fan. Try to turn the blades of the cooler. Sometimes the disconnect device is the presence of large amounts of dust. If the fan is not spinning, then again power off your PC. Unplug the fan and remove the device. Usually this requires you to Unscrew a few screws or special clips.
Remove the sticker from the fan and drip some lube into the open hole. Move the fan blades to allow the lubricant to be distributed along the axis. After that, the blades should rotate freely.
If the sticker you find the plug, remove it from the slot and carefully remove the snap ring. Remove the blade off the shaft and clean both with a dry cloth. Lubricate the axis of rotation and assemble the fan.
Connect the device to the system Board and install it in place. Turn on the computer and make sure that the fan is working properly. If none of these methods helped to restore the efficiency of the cooler, replace the device.