Do not hesitate to frequently tell the girl about their tender feelings towards her, how much she means to you, as you are well with her. This will have the desired effect on your lover as the phrase that the woman likes ears, quite fair.
The girl, following the law of nature, is looking for a reliable and loyal partner on whom you can rely in difficult times, a good husband and father to their future children. Give her confidence that you are that person. Try to achieve a certain financial stability, get a good education and a decent job. Show her your ability to get along with children.
Learn how to prioritize. If you tell your friends to go to a football match or fishing, and you had previously planned a camping trip with his beloved girlfriend in the movie, not worth it to cheat and talk about the sudden unforeseen circumstances, such as, for example, diseased mother or the sudden arrival of favorite relatives. It is better to tell her the truth and try to negotiate or collect will in a fist and refuse to meet with friends.
Discuss in advance what points in the behavior you do not accept the (excessive looseness, or the calling and outright appearance) and therefore listen to her, to further avoid any fights between you because of a misunderstanding.
Learn to discuss together all the complex situations that arise in your relationshipX. Try to understand the position each other and negotiate without mutual insults and recriminations.
Do not show too much mistrust and suspicion. Jealousy will not strengthen your relationship, but will be able to destroy them. Hardly any girl will appreciate a constant showdown with accidentally cast her eyes on a young man.
Build plans for the future. Discuss all details of your coexistence of: place of residence, the distribution of responsibilities at home, having children, their religion and their education, etc.
Make your dear ones happy surprises, gifts, arrange romantic evening.
Try to find a common passion. For example, you can play sports, go swimming or Jogging in the morning or go on nature with an overnight stay in a tent, etc.
Take care of your relationship. Do not give the girl a reason to doubt your loyalty to distrust stood between you and not hinder you to enjoy the real and pure feeling.