You will need
  • - a special microphone,
  • - recording device,
  • - computer,
  • - a special program.
The nature and quality of the voice may be different. Many people would want to voice your favorite cartoon at home. This is the easiest way, but not the best quality. If voiced cartoon that already have audio tracks, they are, as a rule, should be deleted. Removal is performed by means of special programs. Pretty much, and you can download them in the Internet for "Program to remove audio tracks" or use the usual programs-editors of the media.
After removing the audio track with the original voice acting, separately record your voice and then apply that track to video. Using the same editing programs media.
It is also possible to record audio your voice in parallel with the video, that is, when watching videos at the same time is his voice. This method is less preferred to the previous one, because a separate audio track can be recorded more efficiently, without interference and extraneous sounds, and with the simultaneous recording video and audio to exclude extraneous sounds and noise is practically impossible. However, this method is more convenient in terms of synchronization of video and audio tracks.
In the absence of an audio track, for example, when the video does not contain sound at home, use the methods outlined above.
The best option scoring the movie, which gives high quality of sound and its synchronization with video recording. This, of course, expensive, but if quality is more important, then take the video and bring him to the Studio. The Studio will conclude the corresponding contract where you can reflect any expectations regarding the quality of sound. So you will get high quality and professional product.