There are many programs in computer animation different difficulty levels. Perhaps the simplest of them is Crazy Talk. However, it is not intended for serious work on the cartoon. Rather, it is a fun "toy" that allows you to create "animations" on the basis of photos, drawings or found on the Internet images of people and animals. Moreover, the resulting "animations" can articulate.

Program 2D animation

Much more opportunities CrazyTalk Animator. It can help to create a full animation. It contains many ready-made templates, characters, and "scripts" movement, facial expressions, scenery. You can create cartoons and not using the templates and based on your drawings, photos or any images. Work in CrazyTalk Animator can be a first step towards the development of professional programs in computer animation.

Fully professional program Anime Studio Pro is nice because it combines the widest possible with a fairly simple and user-friendly interface, which can master even a novice cartoonist.

One of the best programs for creating 2D cartoons is also considered Toon Boom Studio. It is quite possible to learn to anyone who wants to engage seriously in the creation of a professional computer animation.

Program 3D animation

Get started creating 3D animations, you can start with the development programs Reallusion iClone PRO or Smith Micro Poser Pro. They contain templates of 3D models, which allows faster to understand algorithms to create 3D animations. More sophisticated programs of 3D animation is Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Although this is the realm of professional cinematography and television. They allow you to create complex animated characters and visual effects.

Computer animation – an exciting experience, promoting the comprehensive disclosure of creative abilities of a person. Anyone who wants to master this complex, but is an interesting case, will be able to find the program appropriate level, and then improved in his hobby (or even profession), mastering higher level skills. And, maybe, funny animation, Crazy Talk, eventually turns into a full-fledged three-dimensional character, made in Autodesk Maya.