You will need
  • - computer
  • - Power Point
Insert sound from clip organizer.
This step will allow you to add in the presentation of various sound effects.- Select "Insert" - "Media". Hover over the icon "Sound" and click on the arrow under it.
- In the drop-down list of commands, click Sound from clip organizer". The right panel appears "Clip". Enter in field "Search" the desired effect, for example, "Applause", and press "Start".A search yields several options suitable for you sounds. Click the mouse on the desired sound.
On request "Play audio during a slide show?":
- If you choose "Automatically" - the sound will appear immediately when you open the slide.
- If you choose "On click" for the emergence of sound would have to click on its icon.
Inserted into the presentation of music file.- Copy the music file into the presentation folder.
- Open the desired slide.
- Select "Insert" - "Multimedia" and click "Sound".
- In the popup file Explorer, browse to the file and double click it with the mouse.
- Choose how you want to play the file automatically or on click.
- On the "Settings" tab in the "sound Settings", tick the checkbox "Play continuously". You can also adjust the volume.Now the music file will sound on a single slide.If you want the sound across several slides or throughout a presentation:
- On the tab "Animation" - click "custom animation". The right panel will appear "custom animation".
- Click on the arrow to the right of selected audio and click "effect Options".
- On the tab "Effect", select "Finish" - "After" and specify the number of the slide after which the sound should stop.Now the music file will sound a background for the selected slides.
Voiced presentation ... Text speaker is used for presentations in the automatic demonstration mode, and for generating slides.- Make sure the microphone is turned on.
- Open the desired slide.
- Select "Insert" - "Media". Hover over the icon "Sound" and click on the arrow under it. In the drop-down list of commands, hit "Record audio".- There is a window of recording. Click on the "Record" button and speak into the microphone. Having finished the text, click on "Stop". Slide announced.
- Go to the next slide and acitivites text for him. This method allows you to name the slides individually.
You can announce several consecutive slides.- Select the slide you wish to begin the text of the speaker.
- Slide show - Recorder.
- Select the "link narrations:" to have the sound files were in the same folder as the presentation.
- Recite the text for the slide.
- To go to the next slide, press the "Spacebar" or "Enter" or click with the mouse. Say the text, then go to the next slide, etc. - to stop recording – press Esc, or right-click the mouse on the screen and select "exit slideshow".
- Prompt: "the Sound has been saved with each slide. Save the time of the slide show?". If the slide show will auto – select "Save". If you change the slides manually – the "do Not save".