You will need
  • Dolls, backgrounds, interior details, digital camera, computer, tripod, Adobe Premiere Pro
Create space for a future cartoon. Based on the scenario, determine what the interiors and decorations you need. From carton assemble the triangles corners of rooms and decorate them according to the intent of your cartoon. The space should be proportional to the size of dolls.
Put decorations on a stable surface. Ordinary table in a room with constant lighting. Be careful while working, any unplanned shift of scenery will be visible in the cartoon. If, during the shooting of the movie will change the ambient light, it will also be noticeable.
In front of the table decorations put the tripod. Install the camera. The lens should be only the space of the scenery and the characters are dolls.
Slowly moving the doll change the position of its body parts. Photograph on the basis that each photograph is only one thirteenth of a second of your future cartoon. If you remove the hands, cartoon doll will be very professional. But for children such detailed study will seem boring. Therefore, it is possible to photograph everything in real-time and hands in the frame will be just an artistic decision.
Follow the amount of free space on the memory card of the camera. If the place is over, leave all the items in the same place, and carefully, without moving the tripod and camera, remove the card. Copy its contents to the computer, and then insert a blank card back.
After all the scenes of your movie uphotogallery and copied to the computer, run the program Adobe Premiere Pro. Create a new project in the same format as your footage. Click File -> New Project. Specify the location where you will store all articles of your movie. Enter a project name.
In a project, click File -> Import. Select all the photos in your movie and click "ok". In the window with the materials of the project will be all the necessary elements.
Select all photos from the work zone with the source materials. And move them on the Timeline for the road work with the image.
For the first movie as a sound track, use better music. Working with text is very difficult to do this, first record the sound, then calculate what number of frames you have to Uttagsautomat. This all complicates the process.
Click File-> Import and select the sound file to your movie. Similar to the photo, drag it to the Timeline, on the audio track. Press "Enter". Begin the process of proschityvaniya your future cartoon.
Click File -> Export. Select the directory where to save your movie and enter the future name. Press "Enter". At the end of the export process, go to the previously specified directory. Your cartoon is ready.