If you have registered the PI, the sign outside your store , you must specify not only its name but also the egrip and INN. In addition, the name of your store (for example, SP of nightingales Shop Cheburashka egrip...was...) you will need to provide more SP and check registers. Of course, as an entrepreneur, you may not register its trademark in FIPS (Rospatent), but it is better to do it in order to avoid subsequent litigation with the real owner.
Please note that the name of the store, in that case, if you decide to register a legal entity must register as a trademark, even if your LLC has a different name.
Refer to the RF Law "On trademarks". Choose it for your store this name to FIPS you are not refused registration as a trademark.
Contact FIPS with application for registration of your trademark. The application shall attach the following documents:
- a picture of your trademark on paper and electronically in the prescribed formats;
certificate of sole proprietorship/LLC (certified copy);
codes of statistics (certified copy)
- receipt about payment of state duty.
Prepare for that consideration of your application for registration and grant of a patent can take up to 1.5 years. During this time will be delivered the following procedures:
- the procedure of formal examination (identification of conformity of all documents submitted to the validity and correctness of their compilation) – up to 1.5 months.
- examination of the designation (identifying the identity and similarity of the trademark previously declared or registered, and check for the absence of certain grounds specified in the Law "On trademarks", which may prevent its registration) – the term is not limited.
Will receive a trademark certificate. The term of the exclusive right to a trademark is 10 years, but can then be renewed an unlimited number of times.