You will need
  • form р14001, a form р13001, receipt about payment of state duties, Protocol of a constituent Assembly, printing company, documents of the organization, handle.
If the founders of your company a few, create a constituent Assembly and take the decision to change the name of the organization in the form of minutes, signed by the Chairman of the Board of founders and Secretary of the constituent Assembly. Document the seal of the company, assigned a number and date.
When the founder of company one, it makes its own decision about changing the name of the company which he is signed and sealed by the organization.
Rewrite the company's articles of Association, which will appear a new name. Reassure him a new seal, which also includes the name of the company, taxpayer identification number, the code of registration, the address of the location of the enterprise.
Write a request to the tax inspection at the place of business to receive copies of the Charter of the new edition, which featured the new name of the company, specify the number of the decision to change the name and date of its publication. Payment for this service is four hundred rubles.
Fill in the application form р13001, write on the first page the name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents, information about which is entered in the unified state register, enter primary state registration number, taxpayer identification number and code of the registration in accordance with the applicable documents. On the sheet And statements email new full and abbreviated name of the organization in Russian language.
Pay the state fee in the branch or Central office of the Bank in the amount of eight hundred rubles. Make a copy of this receipt.
Fill in the first sheet forms р14001 and sheet And this statement, specify the new name of enterprise only on the sheet where changes are made, the rest of the form should contain only the information that is contained in the state register at present.
Sew the required documents and turn in to the Registrar, within five days, the company name will be changed and in the state register of legal entities.