You will need
  • paint
  • - solvent
  • - wooden or plastic wand or other tool for mixing
  • - sealed container for mixing
First of all, you need to decide what paint need to be diluted. Paint at its core are divided into oil and water emulsion. The latter include watercolor, gouache, acrylic.
Accordingly, in order to dilute oil paint, solvents based on essential oils and dilution vodoemulsionki ordinary water. Although lately the market offers special chemical compositions for dilution of water-based paints.
The main disadvantage of oil-solvents - their pungent, suffocating odor. When using them you need to use gloves to protect your hands, and it is better to use a respirator or at least a well ventilated room for the entire period of the works and their completion.
The least safe are mineral spirits, turpentine (turpentine). The most harmful is acetone, solvent and xylene.

In Soviet times, it enjoyed great popularity linseed oil, but lately she almost never used. The thing is that it dries to form a thin film layer, which eventually cracks, and painted with linseed oil, the product becomes unsightly.
In principle, a solvent is necessary only at the time of paint application. After the coating paint products begins the phase of evaporation of the solvent. So it makes no sense to dilute them a large amount of paint, that paint is still not possible. The higher the quality of the solvent, the faster is the evaporation phase, the less you'll have to breathe an unpleasant odor. In addition, poor solvents after evaporation can cover the painted objects of the grease and other contaminants. So do not skimp on your physical and mental health, buy only high-tech materials.