You will need
  • Model soldiers, liquid dishwashing, primer on metal white or grey, special acrylic paints, thin brushes, varnish.
First select the soldiers themselves - carefully consider miniatures, they must be shed, without cracking and thick seams. These flaws, of course, can be straightened, but it is better to select models of high quality, high level of detail. If you only decided to do paint toy soldiers, you'd better buy one piece figures - combined parts may have to adjust to each other.
Wash the selected models in the solution of liquid dishwashing - it degreases well, which will greatly facilitate primer. Put the soldiers out to dry on a clean piece of cardboard or paper, they must be allowed to dry completely. Take a can of primer and stir it thoroughly. Spray primer from a distance of 20-30 cm, carefully and gently progresiva all the details. Allow the miniature to dry for thirty minutes.
Take the thickest brush and proceed to base. - dilute the paint with water (four parts paint, one water), paint the larger parts, not paying attention to what paint small. Now imagine how the light will illuminate, you need to understand where to shade and where to light up the model. To render the chiaroscuro of paint dilute 1:1 so as not to create thick SAG. Smooth the transitions with a wet brush.
The most difficult to draw the face of a soldier, to do this, take a liquid red-brown paint and cover the face with the figures so that the paint has covered all the details and revealed the features of the face. On the protruding part, apply the lighter paint and gently blend the transitions. The whites of the eyes is better not to allocate at all, because warriors are often squinting from the wind, dust and glitter of the blades, and look dyed squirrel puppet. Pupils select a needle with black paint on the tip.
Weapons in silver metallic paint, then add the glare reflecting surfaces - if the blade should be reflected camisole blue color, apply this shade a light smear on the blade. On some blades dedicated area of sharpening the blade, make them brighter on one tone.
At the end pririsovyvat details of figures - belt and jars, buttons and other accessories. They need to draw bright paint, otherwise these things cannot be seen! Boots paint on the circumstances and weather on the battlefield - the mud or snow, dust or blood, they will reflect all the specifics of the theater of war! On top of the soldier better to varnish from the spray gun - it will protect your work from abrasion.