All academic written work, including essay, you must be under taken in domestic science state standard. Of course, in practice, school and College essays requirements is much softer, than to the works of professional scientists, but this does not mean that you can arrange the work in accordance with their fantasies.
It is now accepted by all academic work to write block letters using a computer or typewriter. It is much easier to read the abstractand gives it a neat look. However, in schools and on undergraduate courses of the universities are often allowed work by hand.
But if you write the essay by hand, make sure that your handwriting was legible, and the lines on the page even and the same length. This does not have to look for lined paper or they can draw the line. Use standard lined stencil, which is placed under a clean sheet of paper so that it lines Shine through it. As a result you get a completely smooth text on each page.
The structure of any essayand quite simple, but it requires a minimum of three independent parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. Each must begin with a new sheet, even if the previous has ended in the middle of the page and there are still a lot of space to the edge of the sheet. But the chapters and paragraphs of the main part of the essaycould begin with the middle of the page, following immediately after the previous part.
Pay special attention to the formatting of references to used literature. Since the abstract, as a kind of academic written work, involves the use and presentation of another scientific material, the text must contain references to the works. A reference is made at the bottom of the page and includes the name of the author, title, imprint (publisher, year of publication, number of pages) and page number or pages, on which original work is presented given thought or phrase.
In addition to the three main parts of every essay also includes title page, work plan and references. On the title page you should specify the title, author's name (i.e. your name), a subject, within which is written the essay, the name of the educational institution in which he prepared, and year of writing. Plan the essayas is always the second page and placed immediately following the title page. The list of references put on a separate sheet at the end of the work after the conclusion. There you can add the necessary drawings, diagrams or application.