You will need
  • - propolis,
  • - alcohol,
  • - sunflower oil,
  • - geranium leaves,
  • - vodka,
  • - onions,
  • - vaseline,
  • grass centaury,
  • - wax,
  • - brick,
  • - wax paper,
  • - wool,
  • - bandage,
  • - gauze.
Prepare a tincture of propolis. For this purpose 100 g of product pour 96% ethanol and leave for ten days. Before use the mixture is mixed with refined sunflower oil (10 g of solution take 40 g of oil), soaked in gauze and placed in the ear. Swab in the ear should be at least a day, then you need to take a break for 12 hours. The course of treatment – 20 days.
To relieve pain and reduce inflammation will help the leaves of geranium. Mash them in his hands and put it in the ear.
Effective for otitis media is a hot compress on the basis of vodka or water. Gauze folded in several layers, is impregnated with a liquid. Next, cut up half and put on the ear. Top insulated wrap, cotton wool, fixed with a bandage.
In acute otitis media use onions. Squeeze the juice and mix with vodka in the ratio of 4:1. Instill two drops twice a day, or insert cotton wool with a paste of onion in the ear.
Because otitis media in the initial stage is accompanied by the usual cold, use a hot compress. The skin around the ear, apply the vaseline. Then apply gauze soaked in warmed alcohol solution. While the sink and CLearthe howl of the passage can not be closed.
Put a circle of waxed paper and wool. Secure with a bandage. The compress should be used regularly until it becomes easier. Instead of vodka you can use camphor alcohol, diluted with water.
In diseases of the ear apply the herb centaury. First it is steamed, and then apply to the sore spot.
Warm brick or a large stone. Wrap in cloth and apply to the aching ear for two hours. The result of the procedure will come faster if you take a diaphoretic.
Melt the wax. Apply a thin layer on a linen cloth. Roll the cloth in a funnel and insert it into the ear with the narrow end. The wide end light. The procedure should be stopped when the rag will burn down to ear. So perfectly, in the sky, pus and dirt.