If black is your favorite piece of jewelry, take it to the jeweler. There are similar products return the Shine by cleaning and polishing special professional tools. This service cost is not very expensive (not more than a hundred rubles).
To return the Shine to tarnished silver can be in the home. Buy a special tool for cleaning the silver. There are different compositions (pastes, powders, and foams) designed for decorations and home textiles (spoons, trays, dishes). Read on the packaging the instructions for use and follow them.
Purchase a soft cloth for polishing silver jewelry. Such wipes are generally impregnated with a special compound that allows you to combine multiple actions in one: a mechanical effect on a silver surface (polishing cloth) purification and chemical composition. Some wipes also protect the silver from future tarnishing.
To give luster to silver for a few minutes can regular toothbrush and toothpaste. Apply a silver or brush a little toothpaste, go over the surface with a brush, rinse the pasta with water, dry the product. After this procedure, additional polished silver jewelry is not required.
Take a small container and cover the bottom with aluminum foil, put the silver ware on the bottom and fill it completely baking soda. Pour into a container of boiling water so that it completely covered the layer of baking soda. Begin the process of seething and gas liberation. When he finished, rinse the silverware and buff it with a soft cloth.
Prepare a mixture of chalk and ammonia solution (mix them so as to obtain a pasty mass), rinse the silverware in warm soapy water and apply the prepared mixture. Allow time for the mixture to dry, and then RUB the silver with a soft fleecy cloth or woolen cloth.
Fans of savings you can suggest a few ways in which you can return the silver glitter. Put the product in sour coagulated milk, let it lay there for some time, rinse with warm water. Another option: wait until the water in which you cooked the potatoes to cool a bit, put back a piece of foil and the piece of silver. Hold the silver in solution for 5 minutes and rinse it with water.