When filling out the questionnaire in Russian record as the citizenship the name of their country. For example, in the application for a visa will be appropriate wording "Russia", "Russian Federation" or even the abbreviation "RF". To a valid form can be attributed to the nationality characteristics, for example, "Russian" or "Russian woman".
If you have or previously had another nationality, please specify and, if required in the questionnaire. The exception could be the situation with people born in the USSR. If they continue to live in Russia and have local citizenship, further clarification is required. If necessary, explain the relevant paragraph of the question, why did you receive or renounced another nationality. Also, in some situations you will need to check the status of your second citizenship in Russia. In accordance with the laws of the country, the Russians may have double or dual citizenship. The difference is that in the second case, the nationality of another state is not taken into account in Russia. Dual citizenship also receive only people who moved to the country, which with Russia have a special Treaty on this subject.
In the questionnaire in a foreign language keep a record of their citizenship, taking into account local rules. In the English form in the section Citizenship likely be more appropriate to write the Russian Federation. In this case, note. in many European languages make no distinction between the word "citizenship" and "nationality". For example, as is the case in French, where the word nationalité may denote both. However, if we are talking about an official document or form, specify what its nationality. If you are not sure how to fill in the questionnaire in a foreign language, it is best to ask to give you a paper in Russian or English. This will protect you from a wrong understanding of the issues raised.