If one way to lay out the Tarot cards. It is quite simple. Shuffling the 78 cards and give people who are interested in divination, to remove the cards with the left hand 3 times. Then lay the cards in three piles face down. In each stack there should be 26 cards. Take the average stack of cards and put aside.
The following 53 cards shuffling and we offer 3 times to remove. Again spread the cards in 3 piles, one card leaving. The average stack is set aside, but not mixed with the first pending stack.
Then repeat the operation with the remaining 35 cards of the Tarot, leaving at the end of 2 extra cards. Next, take the first stack of those that we put off, and lay "face" up in a row from right to left. The second stack under the first spread in the same way. Put the third one under the second.
We did something similar to an inverted pyramid. You can now read the fate. You need to determine the value of each of the Tarot cards in rows from right to left and compare it with the values of the surrounding cards. During divination, pay attention to the frequency of the cards flipped upside down, as well as the frequency of the cards of each suit.
If reversed cards a lot – divination will be unfavorable. Gad note that each of the three rows of Tarot cards has its own value. First row refers to mystical abilities, and also displays the human soul. The second row represents the intellect and the mind of the individual, his preferences, capabilities, and Hobbies. And the bottom row relates to all worldly (material sphere, the life circumstances of the person, physical health).