To start is to decide what method of Internet connection you choose. You can connect personal computer to world wide web with a high-speed connection via a dedicated line. This is the best option currently.
If you have access point a dedicated line, you will sign a contract with a service provider from the Internet.
Connect the network card to the motherboard of your personal computer. Download and install updated drivers for it. Reboot the operating system so that all updates took effect.
Connect to a network map fiber optic cable. Go to "control Panel" - "Network connections" and select the item that allows you to configure a broadband connection on your computer. Enter the username and password specified in your contract with your Internet provider. Click "OK" and can connect to the Internet.
You can also connect a high-speed connection to your personal computer using a telephone line. If your wireless service provider has servers high-speed connections that make him an additional contract for the Internet services.
Buy the modem, the splitter and the necessary footage of fiber optic cable. Connect to phone line splitter. It connect home phone and cable to be connected to the computer. Route the cable to avoid mechanical damage. Further, as described in step 4, configure the connection to the Internet.
To establish an Internetconnection on your computer you can use a USB modem provided by mobile operators, for example, MegaFon, MTS and Beeline. Buy a USB modem and a SIM card with a special tariff. Insert the modem into the USB port of your PC. Will be automatically installed the necessary software. On the desktop will appear a shortcut to the connection. Click on this icon and click "Connect".