Grammar rules most of the world's languages require you to write uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences and to denote proper names. To increase the speed of typing, Word automatically changes lowercase letter to uppercase. However, many users of the program this function is not needed, in this case it makes sense to change the program settings. To disable the automatic placing of capital letters, open your Word document or create a new one using the context menu on right-clicking and clicking "Create" then "Create text document"Word.
On the top of the document is the task bar. Click on the "Service". In the opened context menu select "AutoCorrect Options". Open the tab "AutoCorrect". If you have a tick in the box "to Make the first letter uppercase sentences", remove it. Click "Apply" and "OK". The saved settings will be applied to all subsequent Word documents.
To cancel automatic input capital letters when filling in the table also in the "AutoCorrect Options". In the tab "AutoCorrect" uncheck the box "take the first letter of table cells to uppercase". Confirm your action by clicking the button "Apply" and "OK".
To remove the capitalized letters for proper names, in the menu "AutoCorrect" uncheck the function "Replace text as you type", click "Apply" and "OK". Now all the words in the Word document will be printed in small letters. Keep in mind that this design will be considered a spelling error. And the appeal to the person by writing his name with small letters would be taken for disrespect.
If you have completed all the above requirements, but the text is still typed in capital letters, perhaps your keyboard is set to feature the uppercase letters. Press "Caps Lock". So you disable uppercase letters, and proof of this will be extinguished light Caps Lock on the keyboard.