In Windows under the fonts means the font type, characterized by the stroke width and the presence (or absence) of notches. The fonts can be several styles: bold, italic, and bold italic.
To change the font used for the main objects in the operating system (caption files and folders, the inscriptions on the panels of Windows and so on), you must invoke the component's Display. This can be done in different ways. The fastest: right click mouse on the desktop (in any free from files and folders) and select the context menu item "Properties" with the left mouse button.
More long way: press the Windows key or "start" button, click "control Panel", open the category "appearance and themes" and click the "Screen" with the left mouse button or select any of the available tasks in the top of the window. If "control Panel" is displayed in classic view, I and the component "Screen" available immediately.
In the dialog box "display Properties" click the tab "Registration". If you want to change (decrease or increase) only the font size, select the desired value in the "font Size" using the drop-down list and click on the "Apply" button for the new settings took effect.
In that case, if you want more details to work with fonts, choose not only size, but also font style, in the tab "appearance" click on "Advanced". Opens a new dialog box "advanced appearance". In the "Element" using the drop-down list, select the element whose font you want to change.
For some elements, a group of "Font" may be inactive. In other cases (selecting another item) this unit is available for editing. Using the drop-down list to select the desired font style, in the Size group, select a value in points in the group "Color" use to select a palette, method of font styles (italic, bold) can be selected using the buttons.
After making all necessary changes click OK in the "advanced appearance", click "Apply" in display properties and close the window using the OK button or icon [x] in the upper right corner of the window.