You will need
  • conventional Barber scissors, scissors thinning, brush-slicker brushes, clippers, metal comb with frequent teeth, spray for untangling hair from matting comb for untangling tangles, shampoo.
Of course, you can get the beloved cat in the salon, or veterinary clinic. But it is not excluded that you'll be able to perfectly cope with this task. Most often cats are sheared in the summer heat, to the animal was not so hot. Or hygienic reasons - wanting to get rid of tangles or decrease the amount of wool shedding on furniture and rugs. If you drive the cat to the exhibition, it is better not to cut it at all. There is no guarantee that the cat will grow to the desired date, because the wool of each animal grows with their individual speed. But if purring is exclusively a pet, or exhibition stopped walking, then you can proceed.
For a start, the animal must be redeemed. "Why?" you ask. There are 2 main reasons. First, if the coat is dirty, heavily knife tool. If you cut pure wool, scissors and clippers without replacement knife will be enough for the entire cat life.Second, in the same way as when performing human haircuts, hair will be smooth in the future will better retain their shape, if the hair is clean.
Dry the animal with a hair dryer, or just dry with a towel and let the coat dry. After that, place the cat on the table. Carefully comb through the animal. Great if you do it regularly. But if your pet is not too friendly with the comb, be prepared to find matted hair (tangles).
Metal comb with frequent teeth gently comb the Mat, starting with the lower part. Yes, this procedure requires patience, but it is a chance to save this part of the hair. If the Mat is large, then sprinkle it with a spray for untangling the hair and gently comb with a comb to remove tangles, or, if the case is running, then just cut off. If you have to cut out the matted section of hair - be very careful. Carefully palpate the border between skin and hair. To injure the animal with scissors in this case is very easy. Machine remove the wool easier and safer.
The most popular option for the Persians haircut "beneath the lion". For this model the hair on the body remove machine "under a zero". On the head the hair remains intact. I can only take the form of scissors. You can leave a "mane" of longer - up the blades. The neck is also cut. In this case, determine to what phase you leave hair, lift the hair by hand until the roots and shoot machine to the tail. The edges of the mane a little Paradice thinning shears
With hips, shoulders, chest and belly hair too shoot. But the legs cut completely. From the toes up, leave the booth. They can still be called "socks". They can be round or cylindrical in shape. Their height is about 5 inches. The form they give with the scissors. Anything above that is also cut bald. On the tail, leave about a third of the entire coat, from the tip. This site also give a rounded shape with scissors.
And can and does cut evenly the animal machine with the help of tips. The length you choose. Can leave 3, 6, 9 millimeters. It's a matter of taste. If you are using the tips, cut against the hair growth. Since I took over handling the cat, you can just wipe the ears and eyes. After cutting, you can rinse the animal with lukewarm water without shampoo. The fact that the small loose hairs in the process of cutting remain on the animal's skin and can disturb your cat.