You will need
  • kogterezki, scratching post.
If you cut the claws of the cat, he himself will get rid of them. This animal can help scratching post, bought or self-made. If no scratching, the animal will fight armchairs, sofas, carpets and other items in the apartment – he is a must, so either install the pet a scratching post, or do not scold him. You may have found the remains of the cat's claws at home is a separated old dead skin and dead skin layer.
Cutting the cat claws it is better to start from a very early age. Put the kitten on his lap and start to cut the claws. For this you will need kogterezki, which you can buy at any veterinary shop. Do not attempt to cut the claws of the animal with scissors – they are not designed for the shape of the cat's claws. Should shave quite a bit – about 2 mm. in cats insensitive Horny layer of claw is quite small, above it already contains blood vessels and nerve endings. If the claws are white, the border with vessels will be immediately visible if they have dark pigmented color coat of your pet, astrogate quite a bit on the edge.
While cut the cat 's claws, hold it carefully and gently so that the pet is not hurt. Do not scold him, just calmly talk with him. If the cat is very much something, and you haven't finished – release it. Then, when the animal calms down, dostavite other claws. With time, teach your pet to ensure that all nails are cut at a time. Adult animal you need to trim nails every 2 weeks with kittens once a week.
That cat didn't hide the claw, take the foot and gently push down on the thumb - claw will perform. If the cat is an adult and he claws you've never had it done, the procedure will cause him dissatisfaction. So start to trim the claws of an animal when he's sleepy. At this time, animals are easier to tolerate unpleasant actions, they are more manageable.
If you inadvertently cut too large a piece of cat's claw and drew blood, fear not. Keep close to the composition of hydrogen peroxide and immediately apply them to the wound. The blood quickly stops. Very gently talk to the cat, because he will remember it, and to trim nails in the future it will be more difficult.